Creative solutions with a twist

As a Bay Area native, I know that renting, buying, or selling a home in the Bay Area can often be an impersonal and time-consuming process full of unexpected surprises. From hidden apartment issues to brokers gone AWOL, we’ve seen and heard it all over the years.

That’s why my mission is to turn the typical moving experience on its head. I am real with real expertise, combining diverse backgrounds with knowledge of a changing market. I won’t just help you find the perfect place, but make sure you connect with your new neighborhood too – whether that’s the north Bay or down a quiet side street in the south Bay. It’s my passion for the Bay Area and its people that inspires me to make this transition as easy and insightful as possible. No secrets and no BS – just a small piece of the city that you can’t wait to come back to every day.

I want you to love where you live. It drives everything I do.

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